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My name is Jane Agwaru and I am the founder of Clinison Medical. My vision is to set up a medical centre in Soroti Uganda, that will be a base for quality healthcare services to the local population living in the Soroti town and the immediate rural areas. 

This is my story.

I was born and brought up in Uganda where I qualified as a medical doctor in 1992. I grew up in the city of Kampala, but my family and ancestors are originally from Teso, hence my interest in Soroti, the main town centre of Teso region. My parents both started their careers as teachers. My father later became an administrator and worked his way to high ranks in the civil service. My mother remained a teacher until she retired but she too built on the basic teacher qualifications she started with to an honors degree qualification in education.

There were seven of us children in the family ; large but average for Ugandan families. I was the eldest and like most first born children I felt the pressure to do well in school, my siblings looked up to me and this helped instil in me the spirit of hard work and discipline from a young age.

My Medical training was in Mulago Hospital, Makerere University, Kampala, the main City of Uganda.

Mulago is the main referral hospital in the country; at the time I started my training this housed the only medical school in the country. My family felt great pride when I was offered a place on the medical course in this university that had always been considered the academic pillar of the nation.

Mulago Hospital, Kampala

I now live in London United Kingdom with my three sons. I have been practising medicine in the UK for the last seventeen years.

The last ten years I have worked in General Practice(Family medicine) which I enjoy immensely. I am very passionate about this field in medicine because I get the opportunity to interact with patients on a one to one basis usually before they become very unwell. In most cases they will be fully treated by the practice without needing hospital (secondary healthcare) treatment. At the same consultation I am able to impart educative material for their health improvement.

In Uganda the primary healthcare services are still not adequate to meet the  population's health needs; in the majority of rural areas this is non-existent, and the people have to travel for several miles to reach the nearest health centre. My experiences working in Uganda - some of which I recount in my next post - have contributed to shaping my dream of returning to work in Uganda.

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