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There are so many other stories similar to Rose and John's that I could write about.

They all leave a lot of questions.

Perhaps a better equipped hospital may have saved Rose's life; perhaps the tumour was very advanced and surgery was very risky in this setting. Whatever the case the best chance of a good outcome would have been an early diagnosis and surgery before the complications set in.

For John's case empathy and practical protocols in approaching patient care would have prevented the distress and embarrassment he had to endure even as he battled his incurable condition at the time. This is why I am passionate about general practice; I get the opportunity to provide care taking into consideration the person as a whole.

I cannot change the whole world, but I can contribute to positive changes in one person's world- their family, and perhaps their community.

During internship it was common talk among colleagues to discuss what we would be doing next. Many of us planned to move abroad to countries that offered  better career prospects.

A year later this is exactly what I did. However in all the following years of my life's journey I always had the dream to return to Uganda to work as a doctor except that it would take so long.

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