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International Women's Day

Happy international women's day!

Ladies even as we celebrate, let us remind ourselves of those important aspects of health to pay attention to.

Here are 10 broad points to follow for better women's health:

  1. Mind over body- Find time in your busy schedule to relax. Take a quiet walk by yourself, read a book, have a massage etc

  2. Examine your breasts regularly for any lumps or skin/nipple changes, at least once every week. If you do not check regularly, you will not know what is normal for you or when you should see your doctor. The best chance of treating cancer is when it is detected in the early stages.

  3. If you are sexually active, get a cervical cancer screen test with your doctor at least once every three years.

  4. Do regular exercise.

  5. Pay attention to your diet and ensure a balanced diet.

  6. Drink at least six glasses of water a day.

  7. Do not smoke.

  8. If you take alcohol, drink moderately.

  9. If you are planning a pregnancy take regular folic acid supplements, even before you fall pregnant to prevent nerve tube defects such as spina bifida in the baby.

  10. Spend quality time with family and friends.

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